‘Stay The Course’

The ‘Stay the Course’ video. Much better than news stories that miss the point.

Incredible that the NYT story doesn’t even mention that Bush claimed “we’ve never been stay the course” and instead just ran with the White House line that they were changing the rhetoric.

We have always been at war with Oceana.

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  1. Peter D. Lederer says:

    Michael, you write: “Incredible that the NYT story doesn’t even mention that Bush claimed “we’ve never been stay the course”….”

    Well, no. Unhappily, it seems to be the new tradition of the NYT to “gently” slant the news, most often by sins of omission. Consider: Just before the start of the Iraq war (early February 2003) General Schwarzkopf was quoted on CBS radio news as being opposed to going to war until all other avenues had been exhausted. I picked up next morning’s paper, anxious to read in full detail what the good General had said. Nothing there. I checked the on line edition. Nothing there. I checked Google News — and there found that virtually every major paper around the world had reported this as BIG news! Not until three or four days later, and then only in an opinion piece by Nicholas Kristof, was there mention of Schwarzkopf’s statement. (I should perhaps also note that some days later, the General announced that he had been persuaded by Colin Powell to change his view!!)

  2. anon says:

    I guess I’m too stupid to know where this “course” is, because apparently it must be taken literally in all contexts. I understood Bush to say he means to stay in Iraq, yet the tacticts are subject to change. But I guess “course” can only have one meaning. Can someone tell me where the “course” is? Or is it a thing, not a place? I’m very confused now. Has Bush changed course? If yes, then why is everyone still so mad at him? If he hasn’t changed course, then why is this interview so fascinating? Very confusing.

    While we’re on the subject, in Frost’s “The Road Not Taken”, where exactly is the “road”? I should very much like to amble that road myself.

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