Jim Webb Does a Good Commercial

Since I previously knocked Jim Webb’s advertising, it seems only fair to point out that this time he’s done a good one.

Or, rather, Mark Warner does a good one for Jim Webb.

Speaking of Jim Webb, here’s an effective ad produced by Lars Sandvik, a Washington ad-maker who doesn’t usually do political ads and isn’t part of the Beltway consultant mafia. He did it for free, on his own, without consulting the Webb campaign. Now the question is whether anyone will find the money to put it on TV.

Incidentally, the ad is designed to be customizable at low cost — all you have to do is change the handle if the pitch fits another candidate.

Bottom line: even if Jim Webb himself isn’t the best TV performer, he’s got the right sort of friends. (And, the latest poll shows Webb with a narrow lead over Sen. George Allen, 47% to 44%. But as this is something of an outlier from all the other polls that show Allen ahead, I’m not going to believe it until I see it confirmed at least once, maybe twice.)

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3 Responses to Jim Webb Does a Good Commercial

  1. To bad he didn’t have enough friends to prevent the latest voting rediculousness from occurring.

    Did you hear about the last scandal on the
    Voting Machines in Virginia that will cut off Jim’s name

    Disappointing. Not disastrous.

    The Webb team just launched a new blog on the growing voter protection stories


  2. ActionAds says:

    Nice Blog! Here’s something that might even make it on the air for the 11th District congressional race in Michigan. Take care.

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