Scott Adams Can Speak Again

Scott Adams, the author of Dilbert has become the first person in recorded history to recover from Spasmodic Dysphonia (an inability to speak). It’s an amazing story.

Incidentally, I was horrified to discover recently that my children appear to think Dilbert is the Great Guide to Office Life. They take it as nearly true, just as they used to treat Calvin and Hobbes as the Guide to Excruciatingly Appropriate Household Behavior.

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5 Responses to Scott Adams Can Speak Again

  1. Shawn says:

    You mean Dilbert is not the great guide to office life? I could’ve sworn it was spot on.

  2. son says:

    What do you mean “used to”?

  3. Altoid says:

    What *are* you saying? Dilbert is the single best representation we have today of what life in a bureaucratic institution is like.

    You do realize, don’t you, that Adams doesn’t make up most of the stuff in that strip? People send it to him. He just changes names to protect the innocent, and juices it up.

    The best corroboration is the “thanks for the memos” segment that Michael Feldman does on whadda ya know. Those are real, actual workplace memos– indistinguishable from something ol’ pointy-haired boss would say.

  4. I am highly skeptical that a famous person just happens to have a medical miracle.

    A simple search on recovery for the condition seems to indicate reason for skepticism.

  5. JonnJonzz says:

    Diane Rehm, the host of “The Diane Rehm Show” on NPR has had spasmodic dyphonia for years. She has recovered enough to do her show for weeks on end. Occasionally she has to go back for a botox injections and recovery……so I daresay Scott Adams isn’t the only one to ever recover.

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