Olbermann on the Incredible Shrinking Bill of Rights

Via Crooks & Liars: Olbermann: So heavy-handed. So necessary.

Of course, biting as this satire may be, it is all a bit late now. Even if Bush hasn’t actually signed the bill yet.

Incidentally, I understand that although the Military Commissions Act (aka The Torture Bill) was so essential to our freedom that it had to be rushed through both houses before the election…the Speaker and the President Pro Tem of the Senate only got around to delivering it to the White House today. As a result, the President will be able to delay signing it until Oct. 17th (real urgent, huh?) without the bill becoming subject to a pocket veto.

The reason for the delay in delivering the bill is that the White House wanted the signing ceremony for the 17th. Had it been sent over any earlier, that would have messed up the media strategy.

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  1. KarenMcL says:

    Nope…No Politics being played here with National Security and Terrorist Coddling! Nope! Move along…nothing to see…move along! (Until Oct 17th that IS!) *snark

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