Ned Lamont Uses Lieberman’s Own Words Against Him

This, on the other hand, is a pretty good ad:

This one is pretty good too, although not as good as Steele’s anti-scare tactics ad.

There’s something funny going on in Connecticut. The polls show Lieberman is ahead of Lamont — either a lot or some, but more than a little. But Lieberman is having some kind of personal meltdown. He’s running around contradicting himself in ways that are transparently obvious, trivially easy to show they are contradictory to what he said sometimes only days earlier. For example about Rumsfeld (total about face), about his position on the Hastert investigation. And then there’s his yukfest about torturing Democrats.

Is it panic? Denial? Contempt for the voter? I have no idea. Maybe it has something to do with this:

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One Response to Ned Lamont Uses Lieberman’s Own Words Against Him

  1. Gary Williams says:

    Lieberman is doing the very things that mark those who intend to secure enough power someday so their lies become irrelevant to their new method of maintaining power.

    Without using Godwins name due a rather infuriating (if not downright unethical source of journalistic titterism)not to mention the likelihood it has allowed the lies if Bush to go on without rebuttal…to lengthen Bushco’s monopoly on the 3 branches of power.
    But whatever…….splackkkk! Lets get back to the weasel in the picture.

    Y’Know? Given the lack of concern Godwins “friend” showed when BSing his political peasants with whatever it took, you’d think that Lieberman and Bush would be a little concerned we’d have learnt that one and have long ago been put them out to pasture or…. if I had my way…buried out in the horse pasture.
    Daydreams aside, Lieberman is probably doing his best to get on the PNAC ticket, likely believing his fellow Zionists already there; one of which is sitting pretty at the helm of the World Bank now, will extend him an open hand simply due his last name. I suspect…and I dearly hope I’m right, that they will hand him back precisely as much power as he has personal integrity .

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