‘Enemy Combatant’ Goatherd Released

David Markus has the scoop in Southern District of Florida Blog: Federal Defenders secure release of “enemy combatant” shepherd, the story about how two local Florida public defenders (Paul M. Rashkind and Tim Cone) sprang a goatherd from Guantanamo.

The Defenders began representing Taj about a year ago and, after security clearances were approved, Paul Rashkind began to uncover evidence and develop a strategy to obtain his release. Just 14 days ago, Rashkind and Cone filed a set of classified challenges to Taj’s continued detention, explaining why he should be released now. Last night, on the eve of the military hearing, Taj was on a plane back to Afghanistan. He was released to his family earlier today. Rashkind commented, “America was not a safer place while he was detained, but we can certainly feel better about ourselves now that he is home.”

The moral of the story: access to counsel is a critical right.

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  1. anthony says:

    would thomas jefferson and ben franklin be considered ‘enemy combatants’ in this day n’ age? i think so…so, i created these silly t’s: http://www.cafepress.com/enemy_combatant

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