Another Tasteless National GOP Ad

How’s this for nasty negative advertising:

Aide may have misdialed phone sex line A Democratic congressional candidate accused in a political ad of billing taxpayers for a call to a phone-sex line said an associate may have misdialed the number while trying to reach a state agency.

The ad that began airing Friday shows Democrat Michael Arcuri leering at the silhouette of a dancing woman who says, “Hi, sexy. You’ve reached the live, one-on-one fantasy line.”

But Arcuri’s campaign released records showing the call two years ago from his New York City hotel room to the 800-number sex line was followed the next minute by a call to the state Department of Criminal Justice Services. The last seven digits of the two numbers are the same

On the one hand you have to be kind of amazed at the attention to detail in opposition research that was capable of ferreting out this call from phone records.

On the other hand, you have to be appalled at the sleaze of running with it.

The ad’s sponsor, the National Republican Congressional Committee, stood by the 30-second message. Spokesman Ed Patru insisted it was “totally true”…

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  1. anon says:

    Bill Clinton for Congress. Republicans all talk no action.

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