This Should Help the ‘Path to 9/11’ Libel Case

Via Daily Kos, Disney/ABC Highlighting Faked Scenes In Ads For 9/11 Terror Porn, a heads up to this You Tube version of the ‘Path to 9/11’ Trailer being shown abroad: Starting with the words “Official True Story” and containing fictional scenes (see the story board at Redstate).

It’s just a movie?” If there is libelous content in the show by the time that it’s aired, I don’t see how even a disclaimer during the show could undo the effects of this advertisement, one which promises us the shocking truth. I don’t know exactly where this ad is being shown, but if it is being shown in England or in Australia or New Zealand, it could prove to be an expensive choice.

Then again, the writer at Daily Kos speculates that ABC/Disney may edit the most libelous scenes in the ‘The Path to 9/11’ in order to obfuscate who is doing what — in other words, leave the fabrications in place so as not to upset the blame-Clinton narrative which is apparently the core of the show (“how they could have wiped bin Laden out; they didn’t, but why? …”he’s right there”; how one decision changed our world…can’t you give the order?…I don’t have that authority”), but fuzz the parts identifying people by name that might be most actionable.

ABC/Disney should wake up and pull this horror before they trash their brand. Disney is a diversified company with a market capitalization of almost $62 billion. Even so, I wonder how long before this starts affecting the stock price.

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4 Responses to This Should Help the ‘Path to 9/11’ Libel Case

  1. BroD says:

    Has George Mitchell resigned from the Board of Disney? No? Why not?

  2. KarenMcL says:

    It’s being billed as the OFFICIAL TRUE STORY?!?

    That’s some Moxie Advertising for a Docu-Fomentary-Pack-Of-Fabrications!

    And I didn’t notice any *disclaimer* on that Truthiness of the Events.

    I do hope one of the principal figures (or many) mischaracterized in this drivel SUEs their Vermin Mouse-Butts off for any of these truth-slandering scenes. Would serve them Right.

    And HEY, when can we expect to seeRonnie & Nancy…Now that would be some GREAT TeeVee Enfo-tain- ment! *snark*

  3. KarenMcL says:

    Oh — And just Another reason for the *motivation* to deflect the story to a fictionalized Pre-9-11 supposed *failure* to capture Osama in our sights (that never happened!) – To avoid talking about our CRETINOUS Child-In-Chief. The person Most responsible for LETTING OSAMA GET AWAY in Tora Bora. Last seen walking out of Tora Bora into Pakistan after CIC’s decision to pull the “special operations troops and their CIA counterparts in the paramilitary division that were leading the hunt for bin Laden in Afghanistan to prepare for war in Iraq” and NOT to pursue Osama *Dead or Alive* (snark) with our BEST troops.

    “[T]he trail, despite the most extensive manhunt in U.S. history, has gone “stone cold.”
    Intelligence officials think that bin Laden is hiding in the northern reaches of the autonomous tribal region along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. This calculation is based largely on a lack of activity elsewhere and on other intelligence, including a videotape, obtained exclusively by the CIA and not previously reported, that shows bin Laden walking on a trail toward Pakistan at the end of the battle of Tora Bora in December 2001, when U.S. forces came close but failed to capture him.
    On the videotape obtained by the CIA, bin Laden is seen confidently instructing his party how to dig holes in the ground to lie in undetected at night. A bomb dropped by a U.S. aircraft can be seen exploding in the distance. “We were there last night,” bin Laden says without much concern in his voice. He was in or headed toward Pakistan, counterterrorism officials think.

    That was December 2001. Only two months later, Bush decided to pull out most of the special operations troops and their CIA counterparts in the paramilitary division that were leading the hunt for bin Laden in Afghanistan to prepare for war in Iraq, said Flynt L. Leverett, then an expert on the Middle East at the National Security Council.

    “I was appalled when I learned about it,” said Leverett, who has become an outspoken critic of the administration’s counterterrorism policy. “I don’t know of anyone who thought it was a good idea. It’s very likely that bin Laden would be dead or in American custody if we hadn’t done that.”
    Several officers confirmed that the number of special operations troops was reduced in March 2001.

    Bin Laden Trail ‘Stone Cold’ – U.S. Steps Up Efforts, But Good Intelligence On Ground is Lacking.

  4. reports from Australia and New Zealand (where part I has already been shown) indicate that while a few of the most libellous snippets have been excised, the overall libellous presentation of Clinton and other administration officials remains intact. So I’d give Disney Corp an immediate “sell” recommendation, based on the strong likelihood of libel suits filed throughout the Commonwealth by people like Berger, Albright, and Clarke….

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