‘The Best War Ever’ Publicity Video

The publicity video for ‘The Best War Ever’

Much more accurate than P2911.

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  1. Jonathan Berhow says:

    Thanks for this clip! Was no one reading what the neocons were writing and saying back in the 1990s? In one sense, these folks are an exceptionally honest group. If anyone wanted to know what they were thinking or planning, they were right up front about it. They’d let you know. Why are we figuring this all out a decade later?

    Anyway, just got done watching “The Path to 9/11” I’m surprised I got through the whole thing (I needed to lean on a bottle of Pepto for the Jessica Lynch story a few years back), but it sort of had that “Show Girls” appeal.

    The shorter “Path to 9/11”:
    Everything the Bush administration wants you to think about 9/11 and the GWoT.

    Everything. From why we need to throw laws out the window and engage in domestic surveillance to a Saddam/Iraq connection. Completely racist (no one but whites look good in this film: many cutaways to shots of animals while brown people are on the screen; a threatening gang of machete-wielding black Africans diffused by a cultural reference to American basketball) and heavily fundie Christian (millennium/apocalypse references; “In God We Trust” in large letters on a blank wall next to the bench of the judge who sentences Yousef; terrorists training by shooting holes in a silhouette with a large white cross painted across the chest).

    A montage of quotes:
    “I don’t want any lawyers getting in our way.” Because “it’s a new kind of war” where we are fighting “the devil himself.” And since “we’re living days from the millennium. I want the whole group*.” Therefore, “acting on the info we had” “we’re taking you down for the World Trade Center. That’s our warrant.” But don’t worry, “we won’t torture you here. We don’t do that.” While Muslims/terrorists/brown people chant “Clinton is satan.”

    I could go on . . .

    *Not sure I heard this word correctly. All the rest are direct quotes.

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