Must Read: Retired Military Officers On Rumsfeld, Iraq (and Congress)

True patriots howling in pain.

AlterNet: Blogs has a partial video and full text.

Here’s a tiny sample:

My name is [Maj. Gen.] John Batiste. I left the military on principle on November 1, 2005, after more than 31 years of service. I walked away from promotion and a promising future serving our country. I hung up my uniform because I came to the gut-wrenching realization that I could do more good for my soldiers and their families out of uniform. I am a West Point graduate, the son and son-in-law of veteran career soldiers, a two-time combat veteran with extensive service in Bosnia, Kosovo, and Iraq, and a life-long Republican. Bottom line, our nation is in peril, our Department of Defense’s leadership is extraordinarily bad, and our Congress is only today, more than five years into this war, beginning to exercise its oversight responsibilities.

There is so much more.

Update–Full videos:

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