Great Ad for Tim Walz

Via Firedoglake, a pointer to this pitch-perfect ad for Democratic Congressional Candidate Tim Walz, running in Minnesota’s 1st Congressional District.

One for the textbooks. If it makes you want to open your checkbook, here’s the link (warning: slightly slow site). (Bonus Walz video.)

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6 Responses to Great Ad for Tim Walz

  1. schwa says:

    Honestly? It makes me want to vote for his opponent. I hate self-mythologising “Behold! An Everyday Hero on a white horse will save us!” campaigns. Although having said that I freely admit that (1) I’m not from Minnesota and (2) I’m very, very unusual.

  2. Jonathan Berhow says:

    “I’m not a politician.” Right. How about the two flags while he is in a classroom about 10-12 seconds into the ad?

  3. Michael says:

    Florida requires flags in public school classrooms by law. Woudn’t be surprised if other states did too. Or maybe it was Flag Day. I don’t get your point – he should choose a *bad* picture?

  4. Jonathan Berhow says:


    Certainly he should choose a good picture. I was thinking along the lines of a BAGNewsNotes analysis. 🙂 If we pause the clip at second 10, there appears to be a Christian (St. George?) flag under the US flag. It does not appear to be the Florida flag since there is no crest in the center and the red bars do not seem to be running diagonally. I thought perhaps a church-state connection was being made in association with Watz. Or? (And to push this schtick a little further, what’s with the Coke emblem at his right elbow?) Thoughts?

  5. Michael says:

    Well, given he’s in MN, I’d hardly expect the Florida flag.

    No idea what the red thing is. It looks like the right half of a poster, and it looks like it has writing on it. We know it’s not going to be a religious symbol in a public school. And who knows what the other thing is. Is this what matters?

    Hey, I’d love to believe that the guy is an evil genius at subliminal advertising: one more reason to vote for him; our team could use more guys like that. But I rather doubt it.

  6. Ross says:

    It’s just a flag. He’s a geography teacher and has flags from all over the world in his room.

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