Geeks Review Coffee Makers

What happens when geeks rate coffee makers? You get something like this at (currently my favorite computer supply store due to the reliably low prices and superb user reviews of the goods):

Customer Reviews Of MR. COFFEE DRX20 12-Cup, White, Programmable Coffeemaker – Retail

Good work again Mr. Coffee

Pros: I’ve owned another Mr. Coffee maker and it was so good I stayed with this company. For the price it’s very good. I can’t complain

Cons: Mr. Coffee is very hush-hush about the technical specs. I had difficulty removing the cover so I can’t comment on what kind of processor this thing is running. I don’t even know what kind of RAM it takes so future upgrades are questionable. This is definitely a standard def/analog coffee maker, so as far as brewing hi-definition coffee, you are out of luck.

Also note that it does not play DVDs. It does play CDs, but not that well. These are minor details since these features aren’t even advertised.

Other Thoughts: For the price go for it…but if you are into tasting 3D/Hi-def espressos, you may want to pass. But for basic coffee this one is fine. Note that this thing’s cooling system is completely silent. Once again I’m at a loss as to what kind of cooling is being used.

Nice Little Unit

Pros: Fast perk time. Good overclocker.

Cons: Incompatible with Folgers Decaff. Beige.

Other Thoughts: Makes good coffee but be warned that it runs hot. I attached a zalmaan 7000 and it fixed the problem right away.

That last line cracks me up. I need to get out more.

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  1. Michael Fischl says:

    priceless; what’s next, a new generation of PDA’s with a microwave function? thanks for the much-needed laugh, old friend. (your blog is great.)

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