UM Law Seeks Dean of Students

Here’s a chance to do a pretty tough, interesting, and important job that matters enormously to a lot of people:

Dean of Students- Position Announcement

The University of Miami School of Law invites applications for the position of Dean of Students. The Dean of Students is responsible for ensuring the efficient and effective performance of the duties entrusted to the Office of the Dean of Students, which provides services to approximately 1,150 J.D.’s and 130 LL.M. students in multiple areas. Minimum qualifications: J.D. strongly preferred (Master’s degree in education or counseling discipline at a minimum) and five years of significant counseling experience required. Strong leadership abilities, demonstrated managerial and organization skills, computer literacy, good judgment, and excellent verbal/written communication skills required. Ability to interact comfortably in multiple and diverse settings.

Major responsibilities include overall administration of the Office of the Dean of Students, including work distribution and flow within the office; providing academic and personal counseling to students; and management of student life affairs, including development of student-friendly initiatives, assisting student organizations with planning and implementing projects, and serving as administrative liaison and advocate for students. A more complete job description is located here.

The University of Miami offers competitive salaries and a comprehensive benefits package including medical and dental benefits, tuition remission, vacation, paid holidays and much more.

Interested candidates, please apply on line at and submit your resume and cover letter. (Keyword: 003133)

The Dean of Students is the face of the law school to most students; Dean Lynch presides over major events in the law school, but mostly he’s Mr. Outside, so I suspect that most students don’t see that much of him. The short job description quoted above starts with the counseling function — and that’s very real — but the parts I see most often are that the Dean of Students runs a big office with several assistants, and that s/he sets and administers a lot of policies that have major reverberations in the classroom and in people’s lives.

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  1. 3-L says:

    Dean Lynch: Isnt’ he that guy they bring in every year during orientation for the Dean’s Dinner? I figured he was an actor. Haven’t seen or heard from him since, save for a few e-mails telling me tuition is going up.

  2. You know, I am looking for work, but I fear I am woefully under qualified…

  3. Professor, I would shut down the thread.

  4. Professor, I would shut down the thread.

  5. Michael says:

    Every so often I run a script that shuts down all old threads except those still attracting lots of comments. Looks like it might be time…

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