Guest Blogger George Mundstock Returns

Tomorrow I’m going to be heading off for two weeks and a bit — a couple of weeks vacation in the UK then a short meeting in Geneva. I will have pretty limited Internet connectivity most of that time, so my friend and colleague George Mundstock has kindly agreed to step in again as a guest blogger. You can read about George here and you can see many of his previous posts on tax law. George tells me that he plans to write primarily about law and accounting this time (I guess that means some post-Enron reforms?) — but if we’re lucky we might hear about his wonderful dog too.

I know that “accounting” isn’t one of those words that makes most people quiver with excitement, but trust me, George is an interesting guy.

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  1. Dave Meyer says:

    George, I’d be interested in your take on this article from Stephen Bainbridge.

    It looks like President Bush has delegated to John Negroponte to the authority to exempt companies from parts of Sarbanes Oxley. Is this a big deal? Do you have any idea if this authority is being used? Is there potential for abuse? Awareness among close observers?

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