WordPress Designer Needed

I am involved in a non-profit project that wants to set up a very distinctive wordpress blog.

The ideal theme would have a great and appropriate logo. It would work with a text-rich site (either one-column with something cute to attract notice to a few fixed links and elements or more likely two-column). And it would make extensive use of WordPress 2.0’s ability to build a theme customization panel that allows on-the-fly theme customization so we could, for example, have a suite of similar looking blogs with different colors and perhaps type faces. Advice on suitable color combos for the first half dozen variants would also be welcomed. The programming work (installation, plugins) is covered; what’s needed is design work by someone used to making themes for WordPress.

Of course, being non-profit, the project’s funds are…limited. But not zero.

If any readers have experience in this sort of work, or can recommend someone experienced (and public-spirited when writing bills), please contact me via email.

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  1. paperwight says:

    a fair number of folks have had luck with Lauren of Feministe, FWIW.

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