Hamdan Analysis

They do it, so I don’t have to (besides, they do it better):


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2 Responses to Hamdan Analysis

  1. jr says:

    great articles

  2. Dan says:

    Great Links. Especially Leglislative Supremcy… This is my first visit to your blog. I got the link from Crooks and Liars, it’s really great and the title for the site itself is great. I run a blahg in Canada and I speak of U.S. events from time to time – turns out your country affects mine from time to time (who knew?) anyways I have a comedy group and we just posted a new video and I wanted to share it with like minded people. It’s a spoof of homeland security and you can check it out here

    Stop by my blahg or leave a comment on the video, i’d love to hear your thoughts.


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