DHS Mission Creep, the Incompetent Way

Ray LeMoine, Los Angeles Times, Terrorist in a bootleg T-shirt on what DHS is screening for at our borders: local offenses, not terrorist contacts.

It’s a funny column in an awful sort way. We expected DHS mission creep. Normally, though, it takes a little longer…and the creep adds to the mission rather than overtaking it. But then again, this is the DHS, the people making a strong bid to displace the VA for the coveted title of “most dysfunctional agency.”

That said, though, on reflection I find that I’m not as offended as the author by the idea that people with warrants out for them might be stopped at the border in either direction. Even if the warrant is from a state or local court, why is this an evil form of federal assistance? I’m a big supporter of the right to travel, but does this offend it? I’m dubious.

And, maybe in an odd way it is reassuring to know that DHS still isn’t competent enough to make use of all those wiretaps…

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