A Great American

America’s second-richest man, Warren Buffett is giving away $30+ billion, the large majority of his fortune, to the Gates foundation to fight disease.

Every Democrat running for office should be quoting what Buffett had to say about the idea of passing it all on to his kids:

Mr. Buffett was scathing yesterday in describing his feelings about estate taxes, which the Bush administration is trying to kill. The ability of rich men to pass on “dynastic wealth” to their grandchildren is offensive to the American tradition of meritocracy, he said.

He gets particularly upset at his country club, he said, hearing members complain about welfare mothers getting food stamps “while they are trying to leave their children a more-than-lifetime-supply of food stamps and are substituting a trust officer for a welfare officer.”

(The kids are still getting billions for foundations they run, plus a tidy pile of their own, so don’t cry for them.)

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