We Have Great Alumni

One of the unexpected pleasures of teaching — unexpected only because I never thought about it before becoming a lawprof — is watching my students go on to have wonderful careers. In a school the size of ours I cannot of course get equally friendly with every student, but there are some one gets to know better than others. It could be because they talk in class, after class, or write a paper. And in particular there tends to be a special relationship with the law students whom I am fortunate enough to persuade to work for me as a research assistant.

So let me report, with great pleasure, that Adam T. Smith, U.Miami Law ’97 (!), and former research assistant, has just been promoted from Deputy General Counsel to General Counsel of Terremark , the people who own the NAP of the Americas. (And no, he wasn’t on ‘the’ law review, although he was on the staff of the Yearbook of International Law.)

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