UM Library Performance Art

Super-librarian Sue Ann Campbell reports on a bit of library performance art:

The library where I work owns a book titled Order and Anarchy.

It is shelved on the 3rd floor on shelving right in front of the elevator.

Every day someone takes the book out of its assigned slot and gently lays it along side the books, lying it on its side.

Every day that I see it, I take the book and replace it in it’s proper slot.

Order and Anarchy. Seems about right.

[Update: I believe the book must be Anarchy & order : the interplay of politics and law in international relations, by James C. Hsiung, call no. JX1391 .H78 1997, if you should wish to take in the performance yourself. But I suppose it could be Ordering anarchy : international law in international society, by Rein Müllerson, KZ3405.M85 A36 2000. According to Baron, both are shelved on the third floor, and as of this writing both are on the shelf.]

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One Response to UM Library Performance Art

  1. Sue Ann Campbell says:

    Yeah, Thanks Michael, I corrected my mistake yesterday before goign home for the evening- I actually removed the book fromt he shelf and brought it to the computer to make sure I got all the information right. You probably posted before I edited the post on my blog.

    Having the book moved every day drives one of the librarians nuts. Me? I just think it’s funny. So as the passive protestor moves it, I replace it.

    Such is life. Someone messes up and someone fixes.

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