Did Someone Say ‘Tulip Bulbs’?

Someone wrote to me once hinting he might offer the high four figures or even five if I would sell him discourse.net. I had no idea if it was real, or some sort of scam, or an attempt to entrap me into something that might be used against me in some weird UDRP proceeding. And since I had no real desire to sell, it seemed safer not to reply and too much trouble to write back with the sort of NDA you have to have in hand before entering into domain name related negotiations.

If you believe this wacky site spotted by Alex Halavais, then it was a waay lowball offer anyway,


   It has been determined based on search results that this name may be extensively valuable beyond the scope of the LeapFish.com domain analysis tool. It is recommended that you seek the services of a complete domain appraisal company rather than rely on this estimate.
Thank You.

I don’t myself have much faith in automated domain valuation, but if you do, and think something in the healthy six-figure range sounds reasonable, we should definitely talk.

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3 Responses to Did Someone Say ‘Tulip Bulbs’?

  1. Eli Rabett says:

    To say it is silly all you have to do is run atrios.blogspot.com. OTOH show the evaluation to your wife when she complains you are wasting your time and just say, dear, I am building value

  2. someguy says:

    Wow, I’d sell my blog name for far less than $143,000. Much, much, much less…

  3. Patrick (G) says:

    As an automated algorithm, of course it is flawed. The fun is in figuring out the flaw, and how to possibly fix it.

    Anybody actually willing to buy a site for its address would want to quantify how much of the value is provided by the address and how much is provided by the content provider.

    I think I’d go by the popularity ranking of ‘discourse’ as a search term rather than how many links the search turns up in determining value.

    A Potential buyer wouldn’t want to buy an address whose popularity plummets as all the old links turn to rot.

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