Tales From Support Hell

We’ve all been there, and if we haven’t been there, it’s only a matter of time:

The Trademark Blog: True Story Re My Phone Service:

Me: This is the fourth day my firm hasn’t had dial tone.

Customer Service: Yes sir, because of the urgency we’ve elevated it to Business Class Support.

Me: What does that mean?

Customer Service: The Business Class Support tech will handle your trouble ticket. Unfortunately, he’s out today, however he’ll get to it first thing tomorrow morning.

Me: Wait, because you’ve elevated it, you can’t get to it today?

Customer Service: No sir.

Me: Can you lower its urgency, so you can get to it sooner?

Customer Service: Sir?

Me: Never mind.

(apologies for quoting the whole thing, but it’s just too perfect).

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2 Responses to Tales From Support Hell

  1. Barry says:

    Is this a landline? If so go cell. I’ve been landlineless for ~3 years now;
    I’ve missed it rarely.

    If this is a business line, find out what sort of package you can get from cellular providers; you might be surprised.

  2. JR says:

    Funny. Here’s some more call center type humor. http://www.callcentercomics.com

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