Research Assistant Needed

My regular research assistant has had the temerity to graduate, so I need a summer substitute. If things work out, the job might well continue into next year. You’ll be doing general research online and on paper, and helping with my current projects.

The ideal candidate will, in addition to reading this blog, have some experience with computers. Bonus points for some experience with unix and html, as I plan to do some computer stuff this summer and could use some hand-holding and script-writing. And of course an interest in Internet law and privacy, which are likely to be my main writing topics.

Interested UM law students (sorry, I can’t pay others) should give me a photocopy of your c.v., transcript and a short writing sample, either by email or by dropping it off with my secretary. I welcome 1L applicants every bit as much as 2Ls.

Ideally I’d like 10-20 hours of your time per week, but the exact amount and the number of weeks is negotiable. The pay, however, is inflexibly set by the law school at $ 8/ hour.

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4 Responses to Research Assistant Needed

  1. wcw says:

    Holy hannah, eight bucks?

    Can your RAs declare tax losses for giving away time like that?

  2. Michael says:

    Well, one tries to keep it from being too boring. And they get a small raise after 12 months…

  3. Karen says:

    Yikes! I am like *SOOOoooo* glad I am decades beyond that *summer intern position* point in life. But Good Luck on your stellar find!

  4. Ryan Walters says:

    $8/hour! Minimum wage in my state (Washington) is $7.63! Time for a strike!

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