Back from Boston and Boy Am I Tired Link-o-rama


China Buys Google (great web redesign at Slashdot!)

Orley Lobel argues that there isn't enough hierarchy in law schools. (I think she's serious.)

Internet as the pervasive marketing device, Are we there yet?

Iraq, hell in a handbasket

Use Google Maps to track Zombies in your area

A star is born (perhaps).

He sounds like David Duke, and he’s coming to a Republican Presidential primary near you. If there were any moderate Republican candidates, you might expect this guy to suck air out of the right and open a space for a centrist. But do they exist? (Cf. Sadly No reads LGF so you don’t have to.)

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4 Responses to Back from Boston and Boy Am I Tired Link-o-rama

  1. Tom Ames says:

    Your links all need to be formatted better.

  2. Michael says:

    Sorry about that. My laptop wordprocessor decided to use “smart” quotes….

  3. Brautigan says:

    I think in big cities, and among the money demographic, we are certainly “there yet.” I can’t imagine using the yellow pages for most things, nor do I know anybody in my local circle who does.

    The biggest problem with the yellow pages is that they’ve not devised any useful geographic taxonomy, which makes them virtually useless in any city where a drive across town equals an entire day wasted.

    Now take a certain subset of the population who spend a good portion of their day working on a (networked) computer – and bingo – no YP.

    My in-laws however, blue-collar, small-town – where you can still pick up the YP without getting a hernia, and everything is a 10 minute drive – different story.

  4. Brett Bellmore says:

    I think you may need a hearing aid.

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