The Republicans Are Losing the War

I rarely link to Daily Kos (and some other huge traffic sites) on the theory that the whole world reads it anyway. But I can’t resist this post, Voices Carry, which seems to me not only to sound an obvious and necessary warning, but also to provide the sort of pithy solution which makes the perfect political frame:

As Glenn Greenwald and others have recognized, the newest note in the chorus of whining GOP harpies frantically evading accountability, is that the critics of the Bush strategemary somehow lost, or are losing, the war in Iraq.

[Link] Those who insisted on this war, who started it, who prosecuted it, who controlled every single facet of its operation – they have no blame at all for the failure of this war. Nope. They were right all along about everything. It all would have worked had war critics just kept their mouths shut. The ones who are to blame are the ones who never believed in this war, who control no aspect of the government, who were unable to influence even a single aspect of the war, who were shunned, mocked and ridiculed, and who have been out of power since the war began. They are the ones to blame. They caused this war to fail.

Expect this, plan on it. Anyone who thinks that it’s not coming, that the sinking GOP wouldn’t have the nerve to try, is possibly as delusional as the 34 percent who still think George Bush is doing a heckuva job. In fact, Kevin Drum notes that at least one right-wing cheerleader with a megaphone is already laying the groundwork with a trial balloon to blame the media; a stone’s throw away from going after critics of the White House’s Iraq War.

There’s a lot of ways someone can respond to this tactic, after they stop laughing hysterically of course, as it really is quite desperate. But voices do carry, so a response is in order. The best response for anything is usually the simplest, the most direct, the most truthful. In this case the simple truth is that The Republicans are Losing the War.

Karl Rove would be jealous were it not for the fact that this one is true.

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