Today’s Pre-Breakfast Serving of Unlikely Things

Which of the two following facts is more unlikely?

1. The following strange Dell tech support story recounted by a law student blogger:

I think the best part about all this is the time I was waiting on hold for one of the tech support people to transfer me. I heard music. Suddenly, I was listening to a phone sex line! I am not making this up. Let me repeat this: While I was on hold with Dell, I was somehow transfered to a phone sex line. Seriously. This really happened.

2. Or is it this: the law student blogger didn’t even speculate as to the various ways in which such conduct could give rise to major-league liability. Update (2/5/06): Ok, now he did, and the universe is back to its normal balance…

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3 Responses to Today’s Pre-Breakfast Serving of Unlikely Things

  1. Ann Bartow says:

    I had a rather surreal experience with Dell recently trying to figure out why I didn’t receive the $50 rebate I had diligently filled out the forms for and mailed in. Every time I spoke to someone he or she was very friendly and apologetic, then they would transfer me to someone else. Then the next person was friendly and apologetic, but would also transfer me. After two calls, the second of which resulted in six transfers, I gave up and took to the web. So far I’ve gotten three friendly, apologetic e-mails, each sending me to yet another website or e-mail address. No rebate, though. No sex either.

  2. Willie Buck Merle says:

    I worked for Dell Tech Support for a year and there was no sex.

    that perverted-justice chick on nbc dateline last night.

  3. Scott says:

    During the call or afterwards? I doubt there was anything but astonishment during the call. Afterwards, if he had no thought about the liability, that is a very poor law student, or none at all.

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