This Headline is Real. Honest.

When I saw this headline at CNN, I thought it was some sort of early April Fools joke, but it’s real: Scalia addresses wild-turkey hunters

Scalia addresses wild-turkey hunters.

Scalia addresses wild-turkey hunters.

Yes, it’s real.

(Actually, there’s nothing necesarily wrong with a Justice addressing “the nonprofit turkey federation” which “is dedicated to conserving wild turkeys and preserving hunting traditions.” But it’s still a funy headline.)

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2 Responses to This Headline is Real. Honest.

  1. Chuck says:

    Hunting to preserve turkeys is like …. Those of us from the Viet-Nam protest era know the rest.

  2. Mojo says:

    “Wild-turkey hunters” doesn’t refer to their target but to their favorite pre-hunt beverage. Not everybody has the willpower to settle for just a couple of beers like Cheney.

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