More on Cheney’s Declassification Authority

While attention is focused on the Veep’s decapitation authority, the real issue of his declassification authority is not getting the attention it deserves. LiberalOasis has a nice analysis. I haven’t checked the original sources personally, but this seems very plausible to me.

Update: Extended discussion of this issue at Secrecy News.

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1 Response to More on Cheney’s Declassification Authority

  1. Adam says:

    Now this stuff… This is the kind of stuff you can sink your teeth into. None of that pansy-ass ‘the President claims he can kill terror suspects while they eat dinner at TGI Fridays,’ and ‘Cheney’s accidental shooting of man worse than Kennedy leaving a woman to drown while he sobered up’.

    This is the stuff impeachments are made of.

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