Will Padilla Get Bail Set Tomorrow?

David Oscar Markus — who I look forward to meeting some day — attended Padilla’s appearance today before Magistrate Judge Barry Garber.

Mr. Markus also has a separate post about Padilla’s co-defendant, Kifah Wael Jayyousi, having bail set by Judge Marcia Cooke. It’s $1.3 million, and there are other conditions — stay local, wear electronic monitoring — but release at all is a big win for him after years of very tight prison conditions.

However, Mr. Marcus didn’t address the to me more interesting (but speculative) question of whether Padilla — who after all is charged with pretty vague offenses that sound less serious than those of Jayyousi, his co-defendant — also might get bail tomorrow. Maybe even lower bail. Could he be on the street soon?

Admittedly, AFAIK there’s not so much in Padilla’s history to suggest he has the sort of ties to the community or general demenor that would make him a model citizen. Might even call him a bit of a risk. But perhaps, on the facts in evidence, no worse than many other hoodlums with a bit of a rap sheet?

[Disclaimer: I don’t do criminal law. Bail is a black box to me. Just wait till Mr. Markus sets me straight again….]

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