Modern Times

Tar me with the brush of political correctness if you must, but I think that this event, announced in the latest UM undergrad student newsletter, is a weird thing for a student group at a university to be doing:

Miss UM Tickets ON SALE NOW!
The Miss University of Miami Scholarship Pageant is next Wednesday, February 1 at 7:30 pm in the Gusman Hall. Tickets are on sale now in UC 228! They are only $5 for UM students. Come out to support UM’s most beautiful and talented women at this preliminary to Miss America. Group rates and discounts are available – please contact [——–] at [——-] for more information!

Seems it’s been running for a while: here’s an article about the 2002 coronation.

OK. OK. They get scholarships if they win, &tc &tc. Still think it’s passé at best.

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