It Worked for Harry Truman

It’s good to think that someone in the Senate remembers a little history. Truman became Vice President because he got famous for chairing an investigatory committee, the Senate Special Committee to Investigate the National Defense Program (aka “the Truman committee”).

Harry Truman remembered the ‘war profiteering’ from WW I and determined to try to root it out from the war effort in WW II. The effort made him a popular hero, even as the Washington elites turned up their noses.

Comes now Senator Byron Dorgan, taking aim at “waste, fraud and mismanagement” in the GOP crony capitalist management of the government. Unlike Truman, he hasn’t got a committee to chair, which makes running an investigation much more difficult. The Blogging of the President suggests Dorgan will use a media strategy instead.

I’d like to believe that can work. But it’s very hard to break through. (I expect some white women will go missing in the event this sort of thing gets any traction.)

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