Big Fish, Small Puddle

Apparently, as law blogs go — if this is a true law blog any more than Is That Legal? which gets excluded — is a popular blog (by all measures).

As I noted in a private comment to the original count at Opinio Juris, I think we should not take these measures too seriously. For one thing, they ignore readers via RSS feeds; I know many of you, like me, read most blogs via a newsreader. (FeedBurner claims there are about 750 850 of you, but that’s just an estimate.) I give a full text news feed because I prefer readers to hit counts. If counts matter — and why exactly do they matter? Isn’t writing style, or quality of ideas what we in the academy should be praising in our top 10 lists? — one might, for example, want to at least distinguish between blogs with a full text feed and those without.

However these words find you, thanks again for a few minutes in your busy day.

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2 Responses to Big Fish, Small Puddle

  1. apav says:

    Thanks for the full text feeds – it’s the icing on the cake of a good site – good information, good referencing, not much fluff and it doesn’t take much time (dense and full text).

  2. Pat says:

    I’m a full text reader via bloglines. I know you use FeedBurner, but if you peek in your logs, Bloglines and Yahoo have their reader count for your site in the user-agent string. Just to see if it jives with the stats that FB gives you…

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