A Sign of the Times

Today I received an email request from a person who described herself as “the human resources manager for a mid-sized law firm in downtown Miami.” She named the firm, but I’m not going to. She wondered if I might have information on “finding quality legal staff candidates from universities in India (i.e., paralegals, legal assistants, word processors, etc.)”. Or maybe I know “the best universities in India producing good candidates for these types of position”

In short, she’d like me to help her figure out how to outsource local jobs to India.

I Don’t Think So, thank you.

However, in what is undoubtedly a sign of advancing age and who knows maybe even incipient maturity, I have deleted each of the replies which have come to mind, and thus have yet to email a reply. (Yes, I know this contradicts my previous post on giving offense.)

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3 Responses to A Sign of the Times

  1. Mr. Kashmir says:

    I assume you’d advise Career Services/OCI and your students of this form’s intentions?

  2. Willie Buck Merle says:

    Don’t let your morals stand in the way. Just give her what she wants and have fun with it.

    Jayson Blair
    Joe Biden
    Jim Frey
    The Yale Professors who had GWB for a student

  3. cafl says:

    Maybe you can explain to DeLong why you didn’t want to do this for legal paraprofessionals. He thinks it’s fine for IT workers. By the way, some legal publishers have already outsourced editing state statute caselaw to India.

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