The Latest Wacked Bush Theory

I would never post this had it not come from that paragon of right-of-center respectability, UCLA Law Prof. Stephen Bainbridge. But since it does, I cannot resist:

Bush: Commie Dupe? Here at, we dote on conspiracy theories. So we were amused by science fiction writer Charles Stross argument “that George W. Bush is a communist dupe.” Or, more precisely, a dupe of a conspiracy of a cabal that has combined “the Shachtmanite version of Trotskyism” and “right-wing crypto-Nieztchian philosopher Leo Strauss.” It would seem to explain a lot.

Of course, Prof. Bainbridge also mentions in the comments to that item that “here at we were very taken with Cthulhu’s slogan in the 2004 Presidential race: ‘Why settle for the lesser of two evils?'” … so be forewarned….

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2 Responses to The Latest Wacked Bush Theory

  1. That’s actually a pretty old theory; Charlie is just the most famous (and the most read by right-wingers) person to have mentioned it. I know I was muttering about Maximum Leader Genius being a communist plant around the time the upper class tax cuts started to rip the guts out of the budget in 2001, and I know that that wasn’t something I dreamed up on my own (for all I know, Charlie could have been the one who mentioned it [in alt.peeves, before it became a right-wing wankerfest]; it’s seems like it’s been decades since 2001.)

  2. DrLaniac says:

    Oy!! Wanker conspiracyland central.

    On the other hand, here’s an interesting discussion of the neocon trotskyist theme from History News Network.

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