We may have somewhat unhappy looking carpet in parts of our law library, but here's a problem we don't have:

Leiter Reports: Time to clean the floors…: A colleague, perhaps prone to hyperbole, writes: “In view of the condition of the floor in the faculty lounge, I suggest that we only go into the kitchen area in pairs. A solitary visitor may become stuck, perhaps in a position making it impossible to reach the phone or the door to call for help. Those of you who have seen the La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles can appreciate the problems that conditions like this pose even for creatures as powerful as early reptiles.”

Besides…this week they're replacing the underperforming carpet on my floor with nice new clean and modular carpet. Now when someone spills industrial strength coffee on the rugs, and the inffectual cleaners spread it around, they can just take up a section a yard square or so and replace it.

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