Wilma Aftermath: Still Waiting

More than three quarters of the residences in Miami-Dade county that lost power during hurricane Wilma had it restored by last night, according to FP&L.

Ours is not among them.

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One Response to Wilma Aftermath: Still Waiting

  1. Charles says:

    Just to let everyone know the main land of Florida was not the only part of Florida hurt by Wilma. I am or should I say was living on Sugarloaf Key in Lazy Lakes RV Park. The storm surge wiped out our park. We have gotten no help at all from Red Cross or FEMA. Red Cross says we have now money left. FEMA says Fill out this form when we send it to you. We were given a letter by Key West Red Cross to move to Orlando. Orlando says we have not been authoirzed to pay out for Wilma. So now we are homless and had to travel to my mothers house in Arkansas to have a roof over our heads. Thanks for nothing Red Cross.

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