Ominous Omen?

At lunch today there was no fortune in my fortune cookie. Does this mean I have no future?

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4 Responses to Ominous Omen?

  1. No future in law? Never saw that coming.


  2. no michael, it means that your future is open to a fantasmagoria of infinite possibilities that transcend the meager and entirely inadequate ability of the physical world to describe.

    or maybe someone at the fortune cookie factory just screwed up.

  3. Joaquim Barbera says:

    Quite the contrary! You have a great future ahead of you! Just think of the compensation you’ll receive after suing the fortune cookie manufacturer for the emotional distress that this defective product has caused you. Common, I’m sure you’ve heard about ridiculous amounts of money being paid to indemnify product-related harms much less prejudicial than a fortuneless or futureless existence …

  4. none says:

    Maybe you shouldn’t have cut in line then.

    (Yes, I know there were two lines at the Panda Express, I am joking).

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