Hamdan Cert Grant

Although I rather doubt that the law professors’ letter had much to do with it, I’m pleased to learn that the Supreme Court has granted cert. in the Hamdan appeal.

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4 Responses to Hamdan Cert Grant

  1. pbswatcher says:

    A modest proposal for assuring the rights of detainess in the war on terror. See Innocent Until Proven Guilty

  2. Mojo says:

    Yes, PBSWatcher, there is obviously no middle ground whatsoever between holding people forever without charge and immediate release. That’s why our Constitution didn’t include a Judicial Branch. It would have been pointless. Your sparkling analysis is much appreciated.

  3. pbswatcher says:

    We don’t release them unconditionally. We make them promise to come back for their trials. Surely all the innocent ones will return and those are ones we are worried about.

  4. BroD says:

    Now, you’re not to go all guilty on us for maybe having abused your exorbitant influence as a Professor of Law to tip the balance, are you?

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