Stick a Fork in the Miers Nomination

Think Progress » BREAKING: Miers Also Suspended from Texas Bar

I’m a little sorry to see the Harriet Miers nomination sink so fast. I would have preferred it sink slowly. Very slowly. And indeed, I might have preferred it not sink at all: if we’re going to have a nominee from the GW Bush stable, better to have a sixty-year-old lightweight with some vaguely moderate items in her history than some forty-five-year-old firebrand with heavy-duty intellectual firepower. Or even a sixty-year-old firebrand.

Getting suspended from one bar, briefly, for non-payment of dues was sloppy but a little easier to excuse than the multi-year, and seemingly knowing, defaults of DC Circuit nominee and now Judge Thomas B. Griffith. Doing it twice, well, it’s not very meticulous, is it?

I know the poll numbers so far haven’t supported the neo-con pileon, but give Letterman and Leno a week or two, and I’m afraid Miers is probably toast.

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2 Responses to Stick a Fork in the Miers Nomination

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  2. DaBarr says:

    Um…. so does Bush KNOW any heavy-duty intellectual firepower? Or at least anybody he’d let into the bunker?


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