Semi-Delayed Endorsement

Brad DeLong has decided he is For Harriet Miers on the devil-you-know theory. Too late, though, she’s not just sinking, sinking, it’s gotten to the point that Miers is toast.

Then again, if we get enough endorsements, maybe we don’t have to forgo the hearings? I look forward to the meticulous replies.

Which is not to say that the devil-you-know theory is a bad one: If the Nixon pattern holds, we’ll get someone much worse next time, just to punish us.

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One Response to Semi-Delayed Endorsement

  1. Altoid says:

    And whatever happened to Frist’s chant from last time around, the one that gets bellowed by cheerleaders waving pompoms:

    Up or down vote! Up or down vote!
    Every nominee deserves an up or down vote!

    I’d like to see that on the Capitol steps. But I suppose it would get the Dems 15 yards for taunting, wouldn’t it–

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