Prawfsblog on the Job Talk

PrawfsBlawg: A few (more) thoughts on the job talk offers ten job talk topics you should avoid at all costs.

It’s pretty funny.

What’s even funnier is that two of them might just make perfectly fine job talks if you did them just right…

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3 Responses to Prawfsblog on the Job Talk

  1. Caroline says:

    Well, no. 2 looks like the best on the list to me. And no. 5 could be entertaining. Which 2 did you mean?

  2. michael says:

    Absolutely #2. And #8, if done critically.

    Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that someone gave some form of #2 as an actual talk somewhere, even if not necessarily as a job talk.

  3. William H. Widen says:

    I find it odd that the Uniform Commercial Code (or “UCC”) looms large as a subject matter for hypothetically poor job talks. In three plus years of listening to these things, I do not recall hearing a single UCC job talk, good or bad. I would welcome a UCC job talk of the proper sort. A few talks that I would make a special effort to attend:

    Fixture Filings and the Lawn Gnome Problem
    Of Financing Statements, Of Grammatology
    Form UCC-1 and the Artist Formerly Known as “Prince”

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