Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

The predictable news story has hit the cycle: TalkLeft: Bush Didn’t Ask Miers About Abortion Views. I could swear I read the same article about Roberts just a few weeks ago.

And just like last time, my first reaction is that the press is being snookered: ordinarily asking questions like that is Cheney’s job. And much as I looked, I never saw any news reports — or Senatorial questioning — about what Cheney asked Roberts in their long meetings.

I suppose in this case, though, it’s possible that, knowing Miers so well, they didn’t even have to ask. And in fairness, it’s possible that had someone asked Miers wouldn’t have answered, as Eric Alterman Jeralyn Merritt subbing at Altercation quotes her as saying such questions are improper. Then again, that also means she won’t be saying much to the Senate, doesn’t it.

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  1. OT: Professor, are you going to comment on Bush’s proposal to use the military to enforce a possible quarantine in the US?

    Best Regards.

  2. Just a little correction. It was not Eric who quoted Meirs yesterday. Eric is on holiday. It was Jeralyn.

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