American Nero

It’s going to sweep the country.

American Nero

because of the reaction to this picture taken Tuesday while the nation’s largest modern disaster unfolded in the face of a rather underwhelming federal response:

And because of stories like this one about helicopters, and this one about bleeding disaster preparation funds to pay for the Iraq war, and this one about cronyism and stupidity at FEMA.

Even Bush’s supporters are going to fear he has lost the mandate of heaven.

And if the gas supply goes wonky….

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9 Responses to American Nero

  1. Ereshkigal says:

    American Nero, Moron Antoinette— however we describe him, he’s the most destructively self-interested president we have ever seen.

    On the other hand, Millard Fillmore and Herbert Hoover are starting to look a little better.

  2. fiat lux says:

    Apparently Trent Lott himself lost his home due to Katrina. Maybe that will motivate him to shake loose some Federal responsivness.

  3. catherineD says:

    But you need to add the catch phrase — not everyone’s going to get it.

    “George Bush — Strummed while New Orleans drowned.”

  4. BroD says:

    That kid sure does love his play-acting doesn’t he?

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  6. Karen says:

    Pretty Good One. I likee. Hero to Zero to Nero…

    Oh but don’t worry DUMBYA’s rushing to get there for his GOLD Star Tour by Tomorrow!!! Ha! and Hum-Bug!

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  8. I want a t-shirt and posters everywhere with that image atop a photo of what was happening in NO at the same time, “American Nero” above, and 2 September 2005 below. Stat!


  9. Don Mulcare says:

    Trump truly fits the designation of American Nero.

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