The Price of Water

Bottle of Dasani (glorified tap water) in Orlando Marriott hotel room: $3.

Slightly smaller bottle of Dasani in hotel vending machine down the hall: $1.

Glass of water from tap, or ice water from hotel bar: $0

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2 Responses to The Price of Water

  1. Barry Freed says:

    Here’s a tip. Does the hotel have a gym? If they do there’s probably a water cooler there (and it’s most likely going to be much better quality water, i.e., actual spring water and not treated toilet water like Dasani. Just go to the gym with a large empty bottle, workout a little if you feel guilty, fill your bottle and enjoy.

  2. Randy Paul says:

    Cost of a half liter bottle of water in Brazil, a nation where drinking bottled water is commonplace as a means of survival – about 1 real (42 cents US).

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