Mighty Mashup

A while back, probably in the DangerMouse era, about half of everyone who is anyone in the techno corner of the blog world got very excited about mashups. Former DJ that I am (a fact that inevitably shocks my students, proving that they clearly have a very partial image of their professor), I went and started downloading mashups.

But they just didn’t do that much for me. Maybe I’m too much the purist or something.

But here’s a marvelous mashup that I think really works, producing a new whole that equals the sum of the very classy parts: No One Takes Your Freedom. Wish I knew who it was by. It’s by DJ Earworm. Is there more where that came from? And, yes, there’s more where that came from!

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  1. bigd504 says:

    As for your students being shocked at your past-don’t you know that teachers are not to be ‘cool’ ? They have tis idealized preconception that you devote long hours to study, theory & a professional life. Those ‘unproffessorial’ jobs on the resume/cv make them realize that one can have other interests in this world.

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