Florida Privacy Committee Issues Final Report

The Florida Supreme Court’s Committee on Privacy and Court Records has issued its final report:

  1. Cover and Contents
  2. Part
  3. Part 2
  4. Part 3
  5. Part 4
  6. Part 5

The committee was not able to come to a unanimous conclusion on all points. But, in what is for me a very unusual experience, I found myself voting with the majority on all the disputed questions.

There’s been a fair amount of press attention too. Here’s a sampling:

There’s also a piece in the Daily Business Review but it’s only for subscribers. The Miami Herald’s coverage — four paragraphs from the AP story — is pretty pathetic for anything that has pretentions to being a major national newspaper.

For a taste of the state clerk’s spin on all this (their reps wrote one of the dissents), see this article from Manatee county (Bradenton Herald).

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