Cheap Motherboards Can Be Just as Good

Tom’s Hardware Guide — the Internet authority on computer hardware, compares a budget and premium motherboard. The result is surprising, even given they’re both made by the same well-regarded manufacturer:

The low-budget and the premium motherboard provide exactly the same performance when using comparable components.

The only difference that mattered is the feature set, but the $69 board had everything the average user would need, meaning that the $219 model makes no sense unless you are a serious overclocker, plan to use many hard drives, or have a special need for one of the other extra features.

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  1. Willie Buck Merle says:

    Good Morning,

    Hope you are doing well. I’ve had to RMA a cheap motherboard lately (Newegg) so at least have THAT going for you. Also look at the picture of the layout of the motherboard:

    1. Where is the ATX power connector (in the middle or on the corner of the MB?). Preferably on the side.
    2. Is it dual channel capable?

    I guess that’s all I can think of now. Good Luck.

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