2000 Coalition Soldiers Dead in Iraq

Iraq Coalition Casualties reports the 2000th uniformed victim. Not to mention the civilian deaths and infrastructure carnage. (And the monetary cost to the US taxpayers of the future.)

And to what benefit?

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One Response to 2000 Coalition Soldiers Dead in Iraq

  1. Tion says:

    Poeple just cannot understand that over 6,00 soldiers have lost their lives over a war that was not called for. Yet and still elected this man to be president again while he’s killing off our country day after day. He is the start of a new begining of Damnation on earth. Look around and you will see that it gets no better. Those are babies that are dying, Their suppose to be making a better future for themselves. Only they have no future because it was taken away. How can someone care about the world or about anyone when so much hurt is going on. But what can you say. If you’ve never had it hard, it won’t affect your thoughts. That’s an empty heart not full. It is proof of being deceived.

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