Say Hello to Guest Blogger Jon Weinberg

Another thing I've done to prepare for my trip is to line up a superb guest blogger. I'm only going to have limited Internet at best while abroad, so Jonathan Weinberg will be minding the store. Jon and I have several things in common. Among them are some intellectual sympathies: we're both part of the tiny number of Administrative Law teachers who write about ICANN and the Internet. (They're not that many of us around, which may explain why ICANN is run so badly.) We are co-editors at ICANNWatch. And — although this is now a larger group than it used to be — we're both part of law-professor faculty couples.

In addition to being one of the nicest people in law teaching, Jon knows a whole lot more about the FCC than I do. He's an expert on RFID. And he's clerked for two people who sat on the Supreme Court. Jon writes interesting and very readable articles, the most recent of which are listed after his official bio.

Jon will start Thursday (or earlier if he likes). I'm sure readers will enjoy his company as much as I do.

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