I Love Google Translate

Jessica, Ari and I are going to be in Japan a little later in the summer, and we thought we'd visit a buddy of mine who has a hole-in-the-wall restaurant/bar on the northern outskirts of Tokyo. It's been a bunch of years, though; we weren't sure if he was still in business. So we googled his old phone number on www.google.co.jp, and — sure enough — we got a hit. It appears (my Japanese isn't what it could be) that the page is some sort of listing of businesses in his neighborhood (I believe on a single street); we were happy to see that my friend's restaurant was included in the listing (and thus, presumably, is still there).

We wanted to know more, though, and ran the page through Google Translate, which generated this. It turns out that in this very neighborhood, I can shop at businesses including “The circle of the umbrella it is clear,” “It increases and,” and “Love raw hall pharmacy.” I can cut my hair at the “Seeing and it is dense haircut store”; I can buy blue fruit at the “Eguro blue fruit store”; and, most enticing of all, I can eat spirit meat at “The meat it is astringent and.” I'll be there in a couple of weeks. I can't wait.

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